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Christmas 2017 at Colchester Gallery

Colchester Gallery presents an exhibition entitled “Over the Hill…”
We were inspired by the hill selected for a settlement by our Ancient Roman predecessors and perhaps the Icneni before them.

Michael Goodey is represented in this exhibition by four views of Colchester’s steep streets and park.
Roy Cleary gives us two winter views of Castle Park gardens.
Jim Reid’s treats us to abstracted still lifes found in out-of-the-way places.
Tamsyn is currently working on a series of small paintings of Colchester’s charming little houses.

35A North Hill,
Colchester, CO1 1QR

Phone: 07827 490 344

Wedensday to Saturday   11.00 – 5.00
or by appointment


Michael Lynch 002 copy crop

WORKSHOP – the pieces

From 8th March unil 16th April we are showing a fascinating exhibition of surrealist drawings from a series by Michael Lynch.

The drawings, the product of many hours research, preparation and planning, are meticulously executed in lead pencil on paper, to form large assemblages depicting workshop-like interiors full of quirky details, mechanical objects, scientific aparatus and personal significance.

Accompanying the drawings are a collection of brightly coloured paintings and light boxes which reflect upon the themes of the drawings, while experimenting with colour and light.

OPENING HOURS- Wednesday-Saturday,  11.00-5.00


Michael Lynch 003 a


Christmas 2016, pictures make perfect presents

Colchester Gallery is currently showing an exhibition of  charming small paintings , prints, drawings, photos and sculpture that would make perfect presents for Christmas.

The exhibition includes works by Roy Cleary, Michael Fletcher, Ruth May, Lynne Maynard, Jim Reid, Georgie Roy, Daphne Sandham, Michael Tarn, Tamsyn Taylor and Julia Vezza.

Wednesday to Saturday,  11.00 – 6.00
other times by arrangement:  07827 490344

35A North Hill, Colchester,
Essex CO1 1QR

opposite the Marquis of Granby


Recent drawings by Roy Cleary


Colchester Gallery is excited to show an exhibition dedicated to the dynamic drawings and watercolours of Roy Cleary.

Roy’s exhibition includes drawings of Castle Park, Colchester, which  is often the subject of his studies. The watercolour ‘The Empty Beds ‘ is part of a series of which three were shown nationally in 2014 in an exhibition entitiled ‘Contemporary British Watercolours, seen by over 67,000 visitors.

Some of Roy’s recent drawings were done on his last visit to Sweden where his son took him on local ferries to see some of the hundreds of holiday islands, all of which have individual charm, worthy of investigating in drawings.

DATES:  5 – 22 October, 2016
TIMES:  Mon – Sat,    11.00 am – 5.00 pm


On the Edge – Hazebro’ – New paintings by Val Bonnett

Suffolk artist, Val Bonnett, is showing new work at Colchester Gallery of landscape paintings of the North Norfolk coast at Happisborough.
Val, who studied at Colchester School of Art, is a well established landscape painter and has shown extensively in the region.

Wednesday to Saturday, 11.00 am – 5.00 pm
Colchester Gallery, 35a North Hill, CO1 1QR

Oil Sketch, Richard Gilbert

NUDE – paintings, studies, sculpture and photography

Our latest exhibition at Colchester Gallery opened on 19 August until 18 September.

The exhibition is a lively collection of paintings, studies and sculpture of the nude.

It includes works in oil by Simon Carter, Richard Gilbert, Val Bonnett, Michael Goodey and Tony McCorry,  paintings in gouache by Mary Joint, pastel and charcoal drawings by Carole Cornish,  Tamsyn Taylor and Richard Gilbert, and sculpture in bronze by Craig Hudson and Jim Racine.
Also featured is a media presentation by the enigmatic Em Nudy.


STATEMENTS – a challenging exhibition


The current exhibition, STATEMENTS, takes as its topic the grim reality of man’s inhumanity to man.

The key work in the exhibition is a triptych by young Australian artist, Martin Diesendorf, who takes the Three Christian Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity and looks at the way in which they are reinterpreted in the 21st century.  The work is in collage and combines traditional symbols with modern media, using photography, poster art, documents, graffiti and stencil.

Colin  McAllister has contributed ink drawings, meticulous in execution but stark and challenging in their subjects which cover a wide range of issues of political and sociological corruption including arms domination, narcotics dealing, ruthless capitalism and the inequality in the distribution of the World’s food resources.

Printmaker Chalermchon Jitjindar takes a more subtle look at the way language is utilised. His richly textured prints draw attention to the risk posed by the widespread use of English  to the world’s other languages. Other subjects include the biased wording of government documents, and the contrast between political speech and political action.

Tamsyn Taylor exhibits four works in collage, paint and clay sculpture in which she looks at persecution by the  Syrian Government of the children and families of Deraa, Damascus and surrounding towns in the first days of the Syrian conflict;  the cruel oppression of Freedom of Speech which quickly led to the present ongoing cycle of death, destruction and displacement.